VALORANT player pulls off Jett ace in Minecraft

Our worlds are colliding.

A VALORANT player recently recreated Haven in Minecraft and killed five zombies to secure what might be the first Minecraft VALORANT ace.

VALORANT is an intense first-person shooter requiring teamwork and coordination to defeat enemies with diverse abilities. It can often be stressful, but it scratches the competitive itch for many of its fans. Minecraft, on the other hand, is arguably one of the most relaxing games of all time, since players can avoid enemies altogether if they wish and just build and explore. One player recently combined the games, creating a confusing but impressive recreation of Haven in Minecraft

Kurobekuro posted a clip yesterday showing the Minecraft Haven map in action as they used the Minecraft rendition of Jett to move around the map. The recreation included Jett’s iconic knives and even featured her dash and Updraft abilities. The player cleared A Site and killed four zombies along the way before securing the ace with a final kill near B Main.

It is hard to tell what’s more impressive: the recreation of Haven or seeing Jett in Minecraft. Anyone who’s played Minecraft knows how tedious and difficult it can be to build large detailed structures, but this version of Haven nails every detail with impressive accuracy. Custom Minecraft weapons are not a new phenomenon but seeing Jett’s ultimate ability in Minecraft was a pleasant surprise. 

Hopefully for fans, a full recreation of VALORANT comes to Minecraft soon so we can see more agents and maps in the classic Minecraft art style.