VALORANT player pulls off clutch ace victory using Omen ultimate trick

Time was ticking but Omen got things done.

Image via Riot Games

Omen players have seemingly leveled up recently after a trick to recover the spike using the Agent’s ultimate ability was showcased online earlier this year. In a clip shared to Reddit, one VALORANT player showed how this can be used perfectly by securing a clutch ace victory.

When you’re the last man alive things can get a bit scary, but as this player showed, remaining calm and using all your Agent’s utility can make things easy.

At the beginning of the clip, Omen takes out two enemies thanks to some great aim. Shortly after the only surviving teammate of this player is taken out, it is a one-vs-three with only a short time remaining and the spike across the map.

As the timer reaches the final 13 seconds, Omen uses his ultimate ability to teleport across the map and pick up the spike before canceling it to return back to his location with the spike in hand. From there, the player was able to get it down just before the timer ran out.

After this, everything seemed textbook for this player as they successfully defended the site from the three remaining enemies. Omen picked off Jett first before taking the remaining two out in quick succession. 

If you’re an Omen player, this clip might provide you so much-needed inspiration to pull off a similar play next time you’re the last man standing.