VALORANT player shares perfect spike recovery method with Omen

There is very little risk to this maneuver.

Image via Riot Games

Spike retrieval when you’re the last man standing can be quite difficult, especially when there are multiple enemies locked down defending its location. If you happen to be playing Omen, however, then there’s one easy trick you can use.

User Thatoneidiotatschool showed off an easy Spike recovery technique with some assistance from Omen’s ultimate ability. In the clip, the player can be seen casting From the Shadows to appear on the Spike, which was at the opposite side of the map.

While you aren’t able to grab the spike during Omen’s shadow phase, the player canceled the ultimate, was able to collect the spike and begin planting at their original location away from enemy onlookers.

While initially this clip seems odd, as you aren’t able to grab the spike until you’re in Omen’s physical form, another Reddit user shared a tutorial that explained how it works.

According to DuncanDonut06 who replicated the play, if you pressed Omen’s ult to the location of the Spike, you’ll be in your regular form after canceling for a split second, allowing you to take the spike with you as you return to your location.

Ultimately, this is the safest way you can recover the spike without risking any nearby enemies taking you out. For Omen players, it’s definitely something that should be added to your game.