VALORANT player one-taps their way to a clean ace while only using 5 bullets

Watch your heads.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s Vandal holds 25 bullets per magazine. But one player only needed five.

A VALORANT player posted a video of their crisp ace today, quickly ending a round with five perfect head taps.

As soon as the round began, the player pushed out of Haven’s Garage to eliminate the opposing sniper in Mid Window. They then quickly turned their attention to an enemy Omen to deliver another swift one-tap. With only three targets left, the player turned on the jets (pun intended).

They used Jett’s dash to close the gap and flank their enemies on C Long. Sage popped out and instantly lost her head, followed by Killjoy and Reyna to round out the ace.

The wholesome video hilariously ended with the player calling for their mom to “wake up” and “get in here,” though it’s unclear if that was just a joke.

VALORANT’s Vandal can one-shot an enemy at any distance as long as it’s a headshot. To balance it out, Riot gave the gun higher recoil, making it difficult to spray down opponents. The Phantom, on the other hand, can’t instantly kill an opponent from long distances but has a far more forgiving spray.

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