VALORANT player kills entire team with Raze’s Paint Shells

Try not to stand too close to teammates.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently managed to eliminate the entire enemy team with Raze’s Paint Shells cluster grenades. 

The player covered A Heaven on Split at the start of a round when the enemy team blocked their position. This is usually a sign of an enemy push, so the player used Raze’s abilities to stall and damage their opponents.

Raze’s Boom Bot detected an enemy through the smoke and detonated, likely hurting an opponent with the blast. The player threw Raze’s Paint Shells, which function as a cluster grenade, to finish off the enemy or to damage other players. 

The entire enemy team clumped together outside of the A site and the Paint Shells managed to eliminate the whole team. The player secured an ace without firing a shot or seeing a single enemy. 

Most players were impressed by the ace, but some believe it indicates how Raze’s Paint Shells are overpowered. The ability provides a brief period for players to escape the blast radius, but it can be hard to avoid in certain situations. 

Other players explained that the enemy team was too close together and said it was their fault for dying to a single ability. Regardless, the player secured an impressive ace without much effort. 

A player recently secured an ace eight seconds into a Spike Rush round using Brimstone’s ultimate ability. Abilities in VALORANT are not typically meant to wipe entire teams, but they can be devastating if used at the right time.