VALORANT player impersonates FaZe manager in ‘Academy trial’ ruse

The truth finally comes out.

VALORANT player Travis “tdawgg” Regan has exposed his teammate, Joseph “Silent” Oliver, for impersonating FaZe Clan VALORANT manager Infamous and deceiving his teammates into believing they were trialing to be the “FaZe Academy” team.

Tdawgg outlined the entire story in his YouTube video titled “The SCANDAL of FaZe Academy VALORANT.” In the video, he explains how Silent doctored fake Twitter DMs between himself and Infamous, alleging that FaZe was looking to bring on an Academy team “behind the scenes.” Over the month, Silent relayed fake messages between himself and “Infamous” to the team, leading them to believe it was an actual opportunity. He even tried to remove one of his teammates from the roster under the guise of “Infamous” having concerns about their outlook and mindset.

Tdawgg alleges that he and the rest of the team were told that FaZe would offer around $6,000 to $8,000 monthly per player and $5,000 for a coach. He also said that both he and other players turned down other offers from organizations because they were so focused on this trial. After a month, Silent attempted to pull the plug on the scam by telling the players that Infamous was aware of players “leaking information.” Tdawgg reached out to Infamous directly upon hearing this and the ruse was finally revealed.

After the lie came to light, Silent offered an explanation to the group, claiming that he was worried that the team’s “star player,” V1C, wouldn’t stay in VALORANT and would go back to CS:GO. So he falsified an opportunity so good that V1C would have to stick with VALORANT. In the video, Tdawgg alleges that Silent did this in an attempt to use V1C for his own personal gain. In a TwitLonger, Silent apologized and acknowledged his mistakes, saying he wasn’t thinking about how his actions would affect his teammates in the future.

The real Infamous acknowledged the story on his Twitter account today, alluding to previous unseemly behavior from Silent in the Fortnite community and offering his sympathy to the deceived players. FaZe has not produced an official statement as of yet.

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