VALORANT player highlights way to ‘slingshot’ Raze’s Boom Bot

Boom Bots can fly now.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found a way to launch Raze’s Boom Bot through the air by taking advantage of Astra’s Gravity Well and a well-placed Blast Pack.

Astra is an excellent choice for players who want to lock down a site and control the tempo of an attack without putting themselves at risk. Astra can use her stars in several ways, including a Gravity Well that sucks all opponents into the center before detonating, leaving them vulnerable. But players have discovered a way to use Astra’s Gravity Well against her by turning it into a slingshot for Raze’s Boom Bot. 

Professional VALORANT player GHOST NiSMO uploaded a short clip showing how to “slingshot” Raze’s Boom Bot to surprise and potentially kill an enemy player. Raze must send her Boom Bot through an activated Gravity Well, which normally sucks all opponents and equipment to its center. But if Raze also throws a Blast Pack in the center of the Gravity Well, the Boom Bot will launch forward, becoming an aerial projectile. 

Raze’s Boom Bot is normally easy to destroy or counter and can be destroyed before it becomes a real issue. But turning it into a flying bomb makes it almost impossible to counter and can eliminate enemies with low health. This will also surprise almost all enemies and, at the very least, damage them before you push in for the kill. 

It’s unclear if this is an intended feature or a bug that occurs by combining the various abilities and equipment. Just remember this is a possibility if you hear a Boom Bot heading toward your Gravity Well.

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