VALORANT player highlights Sage wall on Icebox

Use this wall to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently showcased a useful spot on Icebox where players can boost into the sky with Sage’s wall and cover the B site. 

Players can place Sage’s wall in surprising locations to create new angles and catch enemies off guard from new positions. If the wall is placed correctly, it can boost players high into the air and give a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding area. 

A VALORANT player showed an effective spot to place the wall on B Site on Icebox. Players can jump and place the wall on top of a box in the tube above the site, which boosts Sage high into the air. Sage players can move along the wall to cover B Main and B Yellow. Most defenders won’ think to check this spot when pushing the site, which leaves them vulnerable. 

This wall shouldn’t be used multiple times, though, since the other team will start to expect the strategy. But throwing it in the rotation every few rounds should be enough to help keep them on their toes. 

Players have found several ways to effectively use Sage’s wall across all maps. A player recently found a way to trap enemies on Breeze, while another highlighted multiple ways to create one-way walls on Split. 

Sage mains should consider adding this wall on Icebox to their arsenal to help defend the B site in a creative way.

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