VALORANT player highlights how to stop an A rush on Icebox with Cypher’s Cyber Cage

Cypher mains should try this tactic.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can prevent attackers from rushing A site on Icebox with a couple of well-placed Cyber Cages. 

A site on Icebox is tough to hold against teams that push together. Defending players can be easily overwhelmed since it takes a long time for players on B site to rotate. Cypher players can prevent or delay a push, though, if they place their Cypher Cages in two specific spots. 

Players can place a Cyber Cage on the elevated area near A Nest just as the barrier falls at the beginning of the round. A Cyber Cage can also be placed on top of the platform in front of A Pipes if lined up correctly. 

The two cages almost block the entire entry into the site for attackers, making it impossible to see enemies. This causes players to push into the site blind, rotate, or wait for the Cyber Cages to disappear. 

These cages could help Cypher buy time for his team to rotate or prevent the rush completely. They won’t stop the enemy from entering the site, but it’ll be much harder for attackers to coordinate a cohesive strategy. 

Some attackers will use their abilities to help cover their push into A site, so the Cyber Cages could help burn enemy abilities if they stop the attack in its tracks. 

Players must throw the cages right when the round begins, which means there’s little room for error. But players who master these line-up spots can potentially hold the site with ease every round or at least buy precious time. 

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