VALORANT player highlights difference in spectator and player POV for Viper’s ultimate

Teammates are not always on the same page.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have noticed that Viper’s ultimate ability appears differently for players still alive and spectators. This leads to inconsistencies between the two points of view, which could negatively impact gameplay. 

In a clip posted to Reddit today, a player aimed towards an enemy with an Operator when an unseen opponent killed them. Their teammates were confused about the situation and how the player could not see the enemy who killed them. The team later realized the player and spectators had two different views that prevented the player from seeing the enemy, despite the opponent being on the screen for the spectators. 

The player could not see the enemy over Viper’s ultimate ability, which moves when activated. But the ability was not as high for spectators, and leaving the enemy visible.

This inconsistency resulted in the player dying and their teammates unable to call out the enemy accurately. This can be a significant problem in games if players see two different views, preventing clear communication. 

Spectators will assume players can see enemies when they might be obstructed on their screen. It could also lead to confusion as teams will not be on the same page. This can make the difference in important rounds and potentially change the outcome of matches. 

Other players explained that Viper’s ultimate ability is client-based, which means it appears differently for each player. It’s unclear if Riot Games can change the ability to make it more consistent.

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