VALORANT player highlights Cypher one-way smoke on Breeze

Avoid peeking if you see this cage.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are already finding clever ways to use agent abilities to gain an advantage on Breeze, the game’s newest map. A player recently found a useful one-way smoke that can help cover the A Hall. 

Players can throw Cypher’s Cyber Cage from A Switch above A Hall to create the one-way smoke. They must stand in a specific spot and jump throw the cage for it to work, but it’s easy to recreate after a few tries. 

If done correctly, the Cyber Cage will land above the hallway and create the perfect angle to cover the choke point from the defender’s spawn. Enemies from the opposite end of the hallway can’t see defenders through the smoke and defenders can secure a couple of easy kills or intel on enemy movement. 

Breeze is the latest map introduced to VALORANT and features a drastically different style and design from other maps. It features large open areas and wide choke points that are perfect for long-range engagements. Moving through these areas can be challenging, but using utility effectively can help your team navigate the map with ease. 

The unique map design forces players to experiment with new agents and weapons since some strategies won’t work on the new battlefield. Some agents might not be suitable in the new environment, but it’s still too early to define Breeeze’s meta. 

It’s unclear if Cypher will be a viable agent on Breeze. But if players continue to find creative smokes and setups for his abilities, he can help hold sites and control enemy movement. 

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