VALORANT player finds bug that makes teammate invisible after being revived by Sage

It looks like another new bug is showing up in VALORANT.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s closed beta has seen its fair share of bugs within the early version of the game, but one that seems to keep popping up is players somehow becoming invisible. 

Most recently, a clip showed one Breach player being revived by his team’s Sage and coming back completely invisible to the enemy team during a push. 

After being killed while pushing against four enemy players, the Sage revived Breach before both players started laughing. The Sage was soon killed by the enemy team, which allowed him to spectate their suddenly invisible teammate. 

Breach was able to kill multiple enemies that couldn’t see him in the room, and was only seconds off of disarming the Spike right under their noses. It looked like the character model just wasn’t active in the game and wasn’t even showing particles or the gun for his opponents. 

This isn’t the first time something like that has happened, as another clip showed a Phoenix that was completely invisible too, but the likelihood of the invisibility glitch happening seems low.

Riot Games has been working to get the more common bugs and glitches worked out of the beta first, with a hotfix recently patching out one that allowed Cypher players to turn their spy camera into a turret. That plus working out ways to make the Agent pool and all of the available abilities balanced is going to keep the developers busy for a while.