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Game-breaking VALORANT exploit transforms Cypher’s spycam into a turret

Riot, please.

Cypher turns into a lean, mean, killing machine with VALORANT’s latest bug.

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The agent is a one-man surveillance network that combines tripwires with spycams to keep tabs on his enemy’s every move. But some players have found a way to exploit his skill set—and it’s incredible.

Cypher can deploy a remote camera and reactivate it to view the video feed. If he spots a target, he can then fire a shooting dart and mark them on the map. The exploit adds an extra component to this trick, however.

When players drop their pistol onto the camera, instead of falling to the ground, it vanishes for a brief few seconds. Then, when they take control of the spycam’s view again and press the 2 key, it reappears, transforming into a mini-turret. From there, they can shoot the pistol to catch the enemy off guard and score a kill.

Though it doesn’t look like an intended mechanic, it’s so specific that it just might be. It only works with pistols, but if players could drop a Phantom, a Vandal, or an Operator, it would be beyond broken.

Cypher is easily overshadowed by bigger and better agents in VALORANT, like Raze, Sage, and Viper. He can definitely run circles around his opponents, but he could still use a buff—despite the exploit.

It’s unclear if Riot Games will step in and fix the exploit. But for now, keep an eye out for spycams.

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