VALORANT player finds boost spot above A site

You're not supposed to be there.

Image via Riot Games

Icebox is the latest map introduced to VALORANT, adding a unique frozen environment for players to explore.

Several spots have already been discovered where players can use various abilities to their advantage, but new locations are found daily. And one spot on Icebox’s A site might be an area where players aren’t meant to reach. 

A VALORANT player recently uploaded a clip of them standing on top of an air vent above A site. Players must jump onto the barrier between A site and A Screen first and then use an ability to launch themselves onto the edge of a vent. 

The player used Raze’s Blast Pack to boost themselves onto the vent, but other agents such as Jett and Sage can likely reach the spot with their abilities. It’s unclear if Omen can get to the spot by teleporting, but Omen has been notorious for previously reaching out of bounds areas. 

The new boost location gives a clear view of A site and the connector to the middle of the map. Most players don’t check this location since people likely aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Players can also move directly above the entrance to A Screen and immediately kill enemies entering the area. 

This boost spot doesn’t seem to be a location that players are supposed to reach, but Riot Games has not yet addressed the issue. Make sure to check this spot going forward to avoid being an easy kill.