VALORANT player encounters spectator bug that shows nonexistent enemy

Beware of ghost enemies.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player highlighted a strange bug showing a nonexistent enemy Jett player on their teammate’s screen today.

Spectating is a significant part of VALORANT, since players have only one life per round. You can still help your teammates by calling out enemies they might have missed, but this only works if you see the same things they do. 

One player encountered a bug that showed an enemy Jett moving across the screen, but their teammate did not react to them. After a few confusing seconds, the Jett disappeared and the spectating player realized it was a bug. 

Other players confirmed similar instances have happened in their matches, and another player shared a clip of an enemy Phoenix disappearing as their teammate walked towards them. Others have seen the same things on their screens while spectating, which has lead to several confusing conversations. 

The bug has reportedly been in VALORANT for months, although it is rare. But the recent influx of occurrences might mean it is happening more often.

Seeing an enemy on your teammate’s screen that they don’t react to would likely cause you to call out the opponent. But in this case, the enemy is not there, and you may confuse your teammate and distract them from real threats. 

If you see an enemy on your teammate’s screen that’s visible, think twice before yelling at them for missing an obvious target. The glitch might be playing tricks on you.