VALORANT player discovers quick way to complete weekly mission by spamming Cypher abilities during buy phase

The surveillance expert's done it again.

Screengrab via Riot Games

One savvy VALORANT player found a trick to complete the “use your abilities” weekly mission, posting the strategy in a now-removed Reddit post.

Using Cypher, players can spam abilities during the buy phase and have them count toward the 200 needed to finish the mission. Dot Esports tested this out and found similar results.

VALORANT Patch 1.04 gave Cypher a quality-of-life improvement, allowing players to pick up any Cyber Cages he accidentally drops during the buy phase. But this also added an unintended exploit that helps players complete the lengthy weekly mission.

The player discovered that they can hop into a match (Spike Rush for quickest results) and simply spam the cage ability and F to pick the trap back up. It appears each time players throw their cage on the ground and it’s counted as one of the week’s 200 abilities. Since players can do this repeatedly until the round begins, it’s an easy way to finish the mission.

Using 200 abilities isn’t necessarily the most difficult mission, however. Playing consistently for a couple of days should lead to its completion. But players who might not have the time to finish the weekly missions can complete this one by playing one match.

It’s unclear if Riot devs will remove this exploit for the next battle pass.