VALORANT player discovers new skill jump on Ascent

Use this tactic to reach the spot without using abilities.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player highlighted a new way to reach the top of the boxes in the corner of A site on Ascent yesterday. The new method does not require any abilities and can be done with any agent. 

Players need a teammate to boost them on top of the first layer of boxes in the corner of the site. Once they are on top of the first box, they can reach the highest layer by performing a skill jump that requires precise movement and timing.

To perform the skill jump, players must stand on the edge of the box towards the middle of the A site and slightly move to the left. They must then jump, press the crouch key, and move right simultaneously. The last step requires players to let go of the crouch key and move left after half a second. 

If done correctly, players can reach the highest level of the boxes. The maneuver is tough to master and requires precise timing, but practicing can help replicate the tactic with ease. 

The top of the boxes is an excellent position to watch A main or the connector from mid. Agents like Omen, Jett, and Raze can reach the position using abilities, but enemies will not expect other characters in this position. 

The new strategy also allows players to reach the area without using any abilities, which will enable them to use them later in rounds. Try reaching the spot in a practice match first before trying the strategy in a real game. 

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