VALORANT player discovers how to silently jump up ramps

Being sneaky and quick can change a round.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player found a clever way to silently jump up ramps without making noise with a creative keybind. 

Quickly moving around maps in VALORANT is crucial. Attackers often have to adjust their plans based on enemy locations, while defenders must rotate between sites if their teammates need help. Sometimes, sprinting to each area is the best choice. But other times, a bit of stealth is required. 

VALORANT player The Pied Facer recently uploaded a short clip showing how to jump up ramps without making noise, allowing players to move quickly without alerting enemies to their location. Normally, initiating a jump makes an audible cue. But holding the walk button while jumping removes the noise.

Timing multiple jumps while walking can be tough and slow you down, causing you to lose precious time. But binding walk to the spacebar, the default jump button, removes the initial sound. This allows players to jump up ramps and stairs quickly without losing momentum or making noise. 

Binding walk to spacebar shouldn’t cause any issues with other gameplay mechanics and players can still use Shift to walk as needed. It’s unclear if there’s a way for players to use a similar strategy if they have walk bound to another key or button like the scroll wheel. But players who still use the spacebar to jump should consider trying this method.