VALORANT player demonstrates how to throw Sage’s slow orb to Hookah from A site on Bind

This is easily a three pointer.

Image via Riot Games

Trick grenade and projectile throws are an important part of any tactical shooter game. They allow players to bamboozle their enemies without putting themselves in harm’s way.

VALORANT’s beta has been live for over a month now and the game still has a lot to discover. One fan recently shared a creative way of throwing Sage’s Slow Orb, which leaves a frozen puddle that slows and grounds enemies walking over it, from one side of Bind to the other.

The Sage player positioned themself directly across from the portal close to the A site on Bind. They walked deep into the corner and aimed for the right end of the first clay window frame. They then moved to the left by pressing S and D until they hit the stacked boxes and threw the orb without making any adjustments to their aim at the peak of their jump.

The Slow Orb went straight to the B Window (Hookah) and landed perfectly. Though the same result can also be achieved by tossing the orb into the portal, that would give away the information that Sage was in the A site. This trick simply allows Sage to stay undetected since players on the receiving end of the orb won’t know where it came from—unless they also know about this trick.

VALORANT’s full release is quickly approaching and other agents’ abilities are also being put to use in creative ways. These tricks will lay the foundation of VALORANT’s “game knowledge” and will be essential for every aspiring pro to master this summer.