VALORANT player sets up spiderweb with Cypher’s Trapwire

Cypher does whatever a spider can.

Image via Riot Games

Abilities in VALORANT may look simple at first glance, but using them creatively separates a great player from a good one.

VALORANT’s beta has been going on for over a month now and many players have figured out how to make the most of their character’s abilities for each map. It looks like the tactical shooter still has more interactions to discover, however. One fan of the game recently shared a creative use for Cypher’s Trapwire ability that tethers and reveals enemies who walk through it.

Defenders were in a two-vs-three situation with the bomb planted on B site of Bind. Brimstone picked off the enemy Phoenix that was hiding on-site and evened the odds for his team. He then reloaded his gun after the skirmish and got shot by the enemy Jett due to his rather open position.

The player was quick to move behind cover and forced Jett to walk into the site. Jett dashed upward by using Updraft and gained a height advantage.

It isn’t known when Cypher actually placed his Trapwire in such a way that they formed a spiderweb, but as soon as Jett jumped in the air she was pulled back to Brimstone’s crosshair and was shredded to pieces before she could understand what was going on.

Players may start thinking twice before jumping out of windows now since there might be a sneaky Cypher waiting for you on one side of his web.

VALORANT’s planned to have a full-release this summer.