VALORANT player creates Phantom gun controller

As if VALORANT wasn't difficult enough.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player made a working Phantom gun controller, giving a new meaning to the term first-person shooter. 

Gun controllers aren’t a new concept. Anyone who’s ever been to an arcade has likely seen dozens of games with some type of gun controller that add a fun mechanic. Some games have supported gun controllers on PC or console, providing the same experience from the comfort of your home. But a gun controller for VALORANT is a new experience that significantly changes the gameplay and mechanics. 

YouTuber Gamingenieur posted a video of them creating a Phantom gun controller that easily works in VALORANT. They managed to get the controller to work with Vanguard, VALORANT’s notorious anti-cheat, and also included several buttons for movement and abilities. Aiming the gun controlled the in-game crosshair placement, replicating a similar experience to a real weapon. 

Playing VALORANT with a gun controller isn’t easy and Gamingenieur confirmed it worked in Deathmatch but didn’t do well in an actual match. While the gun controller might not be the most viable option, it’s still an impressive custom-made controller that spices up the traditional VALORANT gameplay. 

Making your own gun controller is a lot of work, but Gamingeniuer uploaded a breakdown of the entire process to their YouTube channel. Maybe other players will try to recreate other popular weapons like the Vandal or Operator in future projects.