VALORANT player creates Leviathan Phantom skin concept

The skin is terrifying and intriguing.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently created a Leviathan Phantom skin that adds a dangerous aquatic vibe to the powerful rifle. 

Weapon skins in VALORANT are a fun way for players to customize their loadout and fight their enemies in style. Most players can find at least one weapon skin to match their aesthetic and Riot Games is constantly adding new skins to the in-game store. 

One player decided to take matters into their own hands and created a custom Leviathan Phantom skin concept. The unique design features a dark blue, green, and tan color scheme and a leviathan head in the middle of the weapon. The leviathan’s tentacles grip the magazine and release when players need to reload. The mouth would also drool and drip during a reload, which adds an extra terrifying detail. 

The player also showed upgraded versions of the skin that add extra colors and designs. They even suggested different color variants such as red, green, and white. Other players suggested the finisher should depict the leviathan dragging enemies into the depths, which matches the underwater theme. 

The Leviathan skin’s creator explained that they were inspired to create a sea monster skin for the Phantom since the Vandal already has a dragon skin. They also drew inspiration from Subnautica, another popular game where players must survive on an underwater planet. 

Riot Games hasn't acknowledged the skin, but it'd likely be a welcome addition in VALORANT.