VALORANT player accidentally teleports above map

Double check for a flying Omen.

Image via Riot Games

An Omen player unintentionally teleported above B site on Bind, confusing the enemy team as he picked them off one by one from the sky. 

A VALORANT player witnessed their teammate attempting to teleport onto B site on Bind with Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows. The ability lets Omen teleport anywhere on the map (but not usually over it), and can be an excellent tool to rotate or flank the enemy team quickly.

Instead of moving to the intended location, however, the agent accidentally teleported above B site, giving them an excellent view of the entire site and its surrounding area. The player could move around in the skybox above the site and killed four confused players unware of the floating enemy. 

VALORANT players continuously find new bugs and glitches that result in game-breaking and sometimes comical interactions. Omen is often at the center of these bugs thanks to his ability to teleport.

It is unclear how the player moved above the map or whether it can be recreated. It seems like the spot they selected glitched into the area above the site, causing the hilarious glitch that helped win the round. It doesn’t appear like Omen can get back into the map after teleporting unless he respawns, however.

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