VALORANT player 3D prints Elderflame Vandal, Jett knives, and Ruin Dagger

The Elderflame looks just as good in person.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player brought in-game skins to life with their 3D printer, creating iconic skins like the Elderflame Vandal and Jett’s knives. 

VALORANT features dozens of exciting skins with unique concepts and designs. Players enjoy using them in-game to customize their experience and some have wondered how a real-life version would look. One creative VALORANT player decided to find out by creating multiple skins with a 3D printer. 

Aboude_555 showed off their handy work in a short clip and how much detail each 3D printed model has. The 3D-printed Elderflame Vandal features the skin’s scales, dragon head for the barrel, and the dragon’s arms near the magazine. The 3D printed version doesn’t have upgraded animations like the dragon loading the magazine itself, but holding the weapon in real life is more than enough. 

Jett’s knives also came to life in 3D printed models that perfectly capture their aesthetic and deadly look. But this will likely cause a lot less damage when thrown. The last item shown in the video is the Ruin Dagger, an exclusive skin that could only be unlocked by purchasing and leveling up the Act Three battle pass. This skin has gained a cult following because of its impressive design and many players regret not purchasing the pass. 

Aboude_555 explained that a friend pulled the files for these skins from VALORANT, allowing them to recreate them with their 3D printer. They also confirmed that they’re planning to create the Oni Phantom and possibly the Prime Axe in the future. These models might not pack the same punch as their in-game counterparts, but they still look impressive on display. 

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