VALORANT platform lets you know if you’ve ever played against a popular streamer

The tool is in beta.

Image via Riot Games

For VALORANT fans wondering if they’ve ever dominated—or been dominated—by a popular streamer, here’s your chance to find out.

A team of “video game enthusiasts” created a platform that lets you see if you’ve ever matched up with famous streamers in VALORANT. hopes to “increase the number and quality of ways that streamers and fans connect,” according to the tool’s About Us page.

To start, simply type in your VALORANT name in the search bar. If you’ve matched up with any streamers, you should be able to select your name. Afterward, a list of all the matches you’ve played against streamers will pop up.

While players can watch the full VOD of their match against a streamer, the platform also bookmarks exciting in-game moments so fans can instantly jump to the part of the broadcast where the kills happened. And all the views from go directly to the streamers’ viewer count on Twitch.

The creators also said streamers’ alternate and smurf accounts were captured, widening the umbrella of potential matches.

With any new platform in beta, there’s bound to be hiccups. Players can reach out to the creators with any feedback or questions they have.