VALORANT Patch 4.04 introduces Icebox rework

Expect a new experience on Icebox.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 4.04 introduces massive changes to Icebox, significantly changing the way teams will attack and defend both sites.

Image via Riot Games

B Green has been changed to “improve attacker options and make the space more comfortable to play in,” according to Riot. The door connecting to the attacker’s spawn building has been moved to the first cubby, giving attackers another way to enter the area. Teams no longer have to push from two side-by-side entry points. Green Lane has also been slightly widened to make it easier and more comfortable to move through the area. The cubby near B Yellow has also been extended, making it easier to peek into the site and Snowman.

Image via Riot Games

B Yellow also received a significant change as its entire orientation has changed. The crate is now parallel with the wall next to it, and two crates have been added to the side. This change should prevent teams from retreating to this area post plant and will make them hold more space on the site. The lower container on site has also been removed and replaced with a cubby facing Green screen. The doorway in the top cubby has also been moved and widened, allowing players to “better isolate fights around the site and make utility more meaningful.”

The outer wall and crane have also been brought in closer towards B site to decrease the area that needs to be covered between the site and Snowman. This should help Controllers cover the spot without leaving annoying gaps. The building in Back B has also been closed to make it easier for attackers to push and hold this area and encourage the use of B Fence to cut off rotations. 

The plant zone on B has been extended to “encourage more spike plant diversity while retaining some safer defaults to work with.” Some of the biggest highlights include being able to plant on the bridge to Kitchen and alongside the wall towards Snowman. The back wall of Kitchen has also been adjusted to make it easier to clear the room. 

Pushing through mid is also easier now as two crates have been added to Orange lane, removing the sightline from B site. The Boiler ramp is now smaller, meaning players can better predict where enemies will peek, making it easier for Controllers to cover the location. 

Image via Riot Games

A site also received a few changes in Patch 4.04. The cart in the back right corner of the site has been replaced with a crate, providing Defenders with more protection. The head peek in Attacker-side pipes has been removed to make it easier for Defenders to defend the site with one less angle to consider. The doorway into A from mid has also been lowered to prevent players on top of screens from shooting players’ feet before they can see them. 

Ascent also received a minor update in Patch 4.04, as players can now grab the B orb from the lower box without having to double jump to the top box. 

Players can find a complete list of changes in Patch 4.04 in the official patch notes. Patch 4.04 goes live today.