VALORANT Patch 3.0 removes gap in generator on Ascent

This small update was not listed in the patch notes.

VALORANT players have discovered an unlisted update in Patch 3.0 that removed the gap in the generator on A site on Ascent. 

A site on Ascent can be difficult to take due to its layout that offers several hiding spots for clever players. The large generator on the site can protect defenders or attackers defending from a retake. 

Previously, there was a small gap in the generator that players could use to see hiding enemies on the opposite side. This was an excellent way to counter this type of defense and avoid running around in circles. It could also help players see enemies pushing into the site and avoid becoming an easy kill. 

Players have discovered the gap is no longer present after Patch 3.0, however. VALORANT player EsportsConnoisseur posted a short video to the Competitve VALORANT subreddit yesterday showing how the gap was removed and how it is impossible to see through it with any weapon, including double zooming with the Operator. 

This makes it slightly tougher to fight players hiding on either side of the generator and can potentially change the outcome of rounds. Players can stall the enemy by moving around the generator to run down the clock and prevent them from defusing the spike. 

This change was not listed in the patch notes and is a minor change that most players may appreciate. There might be more minor changes hiding throughout other maps that slightly improve gameplay. 

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