VALORANT Patch 2.05 removes the ability to place Killjoy’s Lockdown on walls

Killjoy players will have to adapt.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.05 prevents Killjoy’s Lockdown ability from being placed on walls, which is a slight nerf to the agent. 

Previously, players could jump or stand on top of objects to place Killjoy’s ultimate ability on particular objects around maps. Killjoy players could also reach elevated spots by boosting themselves with Sage’s wall, making it tough to counter the ultimate. 

Placing the Lockdown in an elevated or unexpected position would make it difficult for the other team to destroy. In some cases, players could run out of time when trying to find the Lockdown and become an easy kill. 

Patch 2.05 removes the ability to jump and place Lockdown on “cosmetic pieces of geo on the walls.” This prevents players from placing a Lockdown in awkward spots and should make it slightly easier to deal with. 

Killjoy players can still place the Lockdown ability near walls to cover sites, and creative players will still be able to catch their opponents off-guard. Several pros like to use Killjoy in matches, although these skilled players will likely adapt quickly. 

Killjoys’ abilities were previously adjusted to limit her “global-recon,” but three of her abilities were buffed to compensate for the change. The Lockdown ability wasn’t directly changed, though, and players can still use it as usual. 

Patch 2.05 also introduced several competitive updates, social updates, and addressed numerous bugs. Players can find a complete list of the changes in the official patch notes

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