VALORANT leaker reveals new Vandal skins, melee, and tournament mode

Which skin do you think is the best?

Image via Riot Games

There could be new Vandal skins coming to VALORANT according to recently discovered leaks. VALORANT leaker xtr revealed three new Vandal skins potentially coming in the next Act titled ‘Spikes’, ‘Egypt’, and ‘Daedalus’. 

These Vandal skin leaks were revealed alongside a new melee titled ‘Demonstone’ and a tournament mode. But none of these leaks have been confirmed by Riot Games and could never actually make it to the game. 

The Spikes Vandal follows a similar shape to the Forsaken and Reaver skins with more pronounced “spikes” across the entire skin. According to the leaks, the gun will have a black and yellowish color scheme with no variants. The Egypt skin has an Anubis head on the back of it and has a gold, teal, and orange color scheme with black accents. Like Spikes, the Egypt skin also does not have variants according to the leaks. Finally, the Daedalus skin seems to take mild inspiration from the Magepunk skins without the flashy colors. Unlike the other two leaked Vandal skins, the Daedalus skin appears to have three variants alongside the base black and brown scheme. 

Outside of the three new Vandal skins, there was also a leak for a Demonstone melee that appears to be the size of a sword instead of a knife. There have been other swords in VALORANT that are slightly longer and cover more of the screen than traditional knives or axes do. Alongside the Deamonstone melee was the leak of a tournament category coming to VALORANT. The developers have talked previously about adding in-client tournaments for players of all skill levels to participate in. These tournaments would follow a similar structure to League of Legends’ Clash events. With the leaks of a potential tournament mode, players may have the ability to gather friends and play before the end of 2022.