VALORANT ranked queue won’t be enabled until spawn bug is fixed, game director says

The original plan was to turn on ranked tomorrow or later in the week.

Image via Riot Games

Fans excited to get VALORANT ranked might have to wait a little bit longer than expected.

VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler said the developers discovered a bug in which players “can every once in a while spawn in the opposing team’s spawn point.” Due to this bug’s existence, Ziegler said Riot will not enable the game’s highly-anticipated ranked queue until it has been resolved.

Ziegler said earlier today the developers planned on turning on ranked tomorrow or later in the week, but also said he would give another update later in the day. VALORANT players reported several bugs after Patch 1.02 went live today, one of which allowed players to enable ghost mode during matches.

Since the game’s official launch on June 2, fans have waited to grind in a competitive queue and hopefully improve their rank. Riot said it did not include ranked on launch, despite having it for several weeks during the closed beta, because it wanted to adjust the system and allow new players to adjust to the game before allowing them to go into ranked matches.

To compete in ranked matches, a player must first complete 20 unranked matches. The player then will play in five placement matches to determine which of the eight divisions they will be placed in. Each division has three tiers, with one being the lowest and three being the highest.

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In the beta, the highest rank in the game was simply known as VALORANT. Riot decided to change the division name, however, to Radiant. Iron is the lowest rank in the game.