VALORANT’s ranked mode launching “tomorrow” or “later this week” depending on Patch 1.02 stability


Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s Competitive mode might go live tomorrow—but don’t get your hopes up.

VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler informed fans of the good news today, explaining that the much-anticipated ranked queue is coming soon. Patch 1.02 is going live across all regions today and, if everything is stable, Competitive mode launches tomorrow. If developers encounter issues, however, it may be pushed to later in the week.

Today’s patch already had a game-breaking roadblock, giving players the ability to fly around the map. Fans discovered they could enable ghost mode in public matches, which is typically reserved for testing things out in custom matches.

Riot quickly hotfixed this issue, clipping players’ wings immediately.

As the patch is deployed in the other regions, the developers will determine if everything is stable enough to launch ranked mode. Ziegler explained that he’ll update fans on the matter “later today.”

The first official competitive season will look a bit different from the closed beta. Riot updated the rank iconography after the previous ones were underwhelming and unclear. The top rank of VALORANT has been changed to Radiant to avoid confusion.

This article will be updated when Riot fills fans in later today.