VALORANT players report game-breaking bug that lets you use ghost mode in public matches after Patch 1.02

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to fly, VALORANT fans.

VALORANT players discovered a game-breaking bug today that lets you enter ghost mode and fly around the map in public matches. The glitch appears to have slipped through after Patch 1.02 hit the live servers.

Ghost mode is typically reserved for custom matches, allowing players to enable cheats and fly around the map to experiment with abilities. But players who binded ghost mode on a hotkey were able to press it to enable the feature in a public match.

“I just hopped onto a game and pressed c by accident, turned me to ghost mode, worked for other people too,” the player said. “Pretty game breaking bug, hope it doesn’t [sic] delay ranked.”

Another player claims they “think” they were reported for hacking after entering ghost mode.

This bug is clearly problematic, allowing players to get to insane vantage points and wipe out enemies who don’t see it coming.

VALORANT’s Competitive mode was slated to come out during this patch. But if this bug isn’t fixed immediately, Riot might be forced to push the mode’s release back further.

Riot hasn’t addressed the bug yet, but the developers will likely hotfix it as soon as possible.

Update June 23 12:25pm CT: The VALORANT Twitter explained that a fix for “some interesting bugs” has been issued for other regions’ patch deploy, which likely includes the ghost mode glitch. NA, LATAM, and Brazil will have a fix toggled live right now.

Update June 23 2:28pm CT: Riot has deployed a fix for this bug, according to executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon.