VALORANT Game Changers Championship LAN location revealed

Eight teams from six different regions will compete for the trophy.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Game Changers is heading to Berlin for its first international LAN championship later this year. 

From Nov. 15 to 20, the Game Changers Championship will host eight teams from around the world for a chance to be called the best of the best. This will be the first international event for Game Changers and will finally give the women that have been competing for the last year an opportunity to see how they stack up against other regions.

The Game Changers Championship will have a similar qualification process as VCT Champions, with teams from each region qualifying for the event by climbing in their respective areas. There will be two slots each for North America and EMEA, while Brazil, Latin America, East Asia, and the APAC region will each receive a slot. The number of slots for each region was determined by the respective player population for each, according to Riot Games

Like the VCT Champions tournament that we saw last year, this Game Changers event will have the qualified teams play through a double-elimination bracket within a LAN setting for the opportunity to be crowned champions. Whether the entire event will be broadcast or have fans in attendance has yet to be announced.