VALORANT fans help inexperienced player by giving them easy kills

The VALORANT community is proving itself to be a wholesome one.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is not an easy game for new players to learn. The game features gun mechanics that are tough to master, especially when up against more experienced foes. But one team decided cut an inexperienced player some slack by giving them a few easy kills.

Fans of Riot Games’ new first-person shooter encountered a team with an inexperienced Sage who seemed to be struggling to learn the mechanics. The player ended up being the last surviving member of their team during a round, so the other team decided to lend a helping hand. 

The fans found the inexperienced player attempting to get a kill but unable to land a shot. Instead of finishing them off as an easy kill, the players decided to let the enemy kill them all as a sign of good faith. 

The Sage player slowly but surely killed three players and engaged in a knife with the last two. The player secured one more kill before finally dying to the final enemy player. The friendly players provided four easy kills and likely made the Sage player feel better about their performance. 

VALORANT was fully released on June 2 and has attracted thousands of new players. Many players have experience in similar games such as CS:GO, but some players have never tried their hand at a first-person shooter.