VALORANT fans can celebrate the game’s first anniversary with Year One event

Unlock the special Year One items while you can.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Year One event will feature a free pass with exclusive awards celebrating the first year of the tactical shooter. Fans can unlock exclusive rewards from the event while enjoying the other updates included in Episode Three, Act One. 

The first year of VALORANT featured several new agents, maps, and game updates that have kept it fresh for players. Episode Three is kicking off with the new agent KAY/O, a robot that allows players to disrupt enemy abilities. Fans can also grind a new battle pass with dozens of awards while they learn the new agent. 

But one of the most exciting upcoming events is the Year One event, which features a unique free pass that rewards players with exclusive in-game items. Each reward is associated with the celebration of VALORANT’s first birthday and is an excellent way to commemorate the event. 

Players can unlock a Year One Gun Buddy, Year One Card, Episode Three Reflection Card, YR1 and Year One titles, and 20 Radianite Points. Fans will get the Year One pass for free and can earn these exciting rewards as they enjoy the game. 

The Give Back bundle will also be available at the start of Episode Three, featuring four previously available weapon skins. Fans had the opportunity to vote for which skins they wanted to be included in the bundle and have another chance to purchase the iconic cosmetic items. 

The Year One event pass will be available when Episode Three, Act One starts on June 22. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn these exclusive rewards. 

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