VALORANT fan shares Reaver Scythe concept

While it might not be official, this weapon looks perfect for the game.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The Reaver collection of skins are some of VALORANT’s more popular looks for the Sheriff, Guardian, Vandal, Operator, and of course for the knife, but one fan has crafted a look using this theme for a new melee weapon.

Sharing their work to Reddit, artist Thyros.exe showcased a melee weapon concept named the Reaver Scythe. Thyros.exe also showcased the process behind crafting this weapon in a video to their YouTube channel, which looks good enough to be something that would fit perfectly in the game right now.

This scythe is indistinguishable from the traditional collection of Reaver skins in VALORANT, with painstaking attention paid to replicate the same textures and styles. Created in Blender, this concept has four color variants including the standard blue, white, red, and black.

All of these looks have had a ton of effort put into them to make them look as great as possible, and they have plenty of color highlights to spice things up within the design.

For those impressed and wanting their hands on these, they are simply concepts right now. It’s unlikely that Riot will add any similar weapon to the current Reaver line of skins.

Make sure you check out Thyros.exe on YouTube to keep up to date with all of their unique weapon and skin designs, including the recent Oni Classic concept.