VALORANT EU host Yinsu Collins weighs in on newest agent, Astra

"There’s a lot of creativity when it comes to her."

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s latest addition to the agent roster, Astra, has been making waves across the community. 

The Ghanian agent makes use of stars and the cosmos to control the map with strategic vision. And VALORANT Champions Tour EU host Yinsu Collins thinks Astra is here to shake up the meta.

“She is the agent that I do feel like is worth sacrificing for. There’s a lot of creativity when it comes to her,” Collins told Dot Esports. “In EU, we have teams that like to play slow and like to take map control. In that sense, when [Astra] comes in, she is going to be great and I feel like the main way people are going to use her is as a very classic controller. You’re going to use her to try to get your team into spaces that you might not normally be able to do with other smokers.”

Astra’s abilities open up the conversation of whether the agent is too powerful. Some people think Riot Games might need to implement a pick and ban phase for competitive matches sooner rather than later. But with only 15 agents available to play in VALORANT right now, Collins believes that banning characters might hinder the ability of teams to execute plans and plays that they’ve been working on prior to a match.

“By the end of next year, we might have 25 or 30 agents, and then it gets a bit iffy, because if we don’t have a ban phase, things can get a little bit out of hand, and that’s a conversation for the future,” Collins said.

You can watch the full interview and hear more about Collins’ thoughts on Astra on our YouTube channel.

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