VALORANT error code 39 explained

The game should be back up soon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players, particularly in North America, are experiencing error code 39 today. 

Error code 39 relates to server connectivity issues. This means that players may be unable to enter into a VALORANT game because Riot’s servers have gone offline in certain locations. Some people may even have trouble logging in.

There were over 2,000 reports of server connection issues earlier today, according to DownDetector. Nearly all of the reports relate to the servers while a small percentage have complained about login issues. 

Players across the East and West Coast of the U.S. have complained about the server issues, while few have reported issues in other regions like Europe.

Screengrab via DownDetector

The downtime is related to the introduction of Patch 1.05 today, however. Riot said VALORANT will be down for planned maintenance today in North America and other regions. But the game will become available later today. 

Since there isn’t an issue with Riot’s servers, it means players are forced to wait for the downtime to end. But the time in which VALORANT’s servers come back online could differ depending on your location. Players can find out the status of Riot's servers in their location by heading over to the company's website.

There will be plenty of VALORANT for players to enjoy once the servers come back online, though. New agent Killjoy will be making her appearance and players will be able to purchase the new Glitchpop skin line and the Act II Battle Pass, which features some of the coolest cosmetics yet.