VALORANT devs ‘not happy’ with current loading screen player banners

Executive producer Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon responded to a fan asking to "bring back full banners."

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT fan’s plea for Riot to “bring back full banners” has been answered.

VALORANT fans were once able to show off their player cards during the loading screen with cool banners. But Riot recently took a more conservative approach with the introduction of account levels, limiting the player card to a small square. And the devs are seemingly “not happy” with how the changes turned out, according to executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon.

Donlon also said the devs are “taking a look to see how to get it back to awesome.” With no precise timeline offered, however, it’s unclear when the feature will be updated.

The previous iteration allowed players to see the key art from a different perspective. Since player cards are normally vertical, the illustration can sometimes be cut off on the sides. The VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Jett player card, for example, cuts off the agent’s arms. The horizontal banner gives a better view of the illustration in landscape mode.

The current banners are mostly a transparent background with the player’s name and title now placed in the middle. A small space on the far right is reserved for the player card and account level border. Since this simpler approach is underwhelming when compared to the previous iteration, Riot may revert it or introduce a similar concept.

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