VALORANT developers reveal creative process behind Sentinels of Light and Ruination skins

The artists worked hard on bringing the crossover skins to VALORANT.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT’s premium content team explained the process behind creating the Sentinels of Light and Ruination skins in a new blog post today. 

Chris Stone, a weapon artist on the VALORANT premium content team, went into detail about bringing the League of Legends crossover skins to the game and how it allowed the team to create new “materials” for skins. 

The Sentinels of Light and Ruination skins are part of Riot Games’ summer event spanning significant titles like VALORANT, League, and Legends of Runeterra. VALORANT doesn’t exist in the same fictional universe as League, but the weapon designers still enjoyed introducing fans of that game to the tactical first-person shooter. 

Stone worked with the team’s FX artist to bring the “signature shapes” of the Black Mist effect that’s taking over Runeterra to VALORANT weapons without impacting their competitive integrity. 

The team used one of the FX artist’s textures in the material they were creating for the Ruination skins, which can be seen as the Black Mist effect flowing inside the crystals. They also collaborated with the FX artist working on the smoke trails for the skins, ensuring they matched the “intensity” of the newly created custom material. 

The Sentinels of Light skins emphasize the Relic Stones, which keep the Black Mist at bay. The idea is that the Sentinels of Light skins are equipped with Relic Stones and can contain the Black Mist in the Ruination skins, just like the stones do in the League universe. 

This cooperative and intense design process resulted in two skin bundles that are excellent additions to VALORANT and a welcome sign to League fans.

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