VALORANT creative director shares image comparing agents’ heights, with Jett and Breach on either end

The agents have the same height in-game, but it varies in the "real world."

Image via Riot Games

Figuring out the heights of all the VALORANT agents is a tall order. But Riot’s got you covered.

Creative director David Nottingham gave the VALORANT community some insight into agents’ heights today, lining up the full cast in an image. While the agents all have the same height in-game to maintain balanced gameplay, their size in the “real world” does vary.

Even though the specific numbers weren’t provided, the agents appear to be lined up in size order. Knife-wielding duelist Jett is seemingly the shortest out of all the agents, with Skye is a close second. Agents like Phoenix, Reyna, and Astra make up the middle of the pack, while Brimstone and Breach round out the cast as the tallest members.

This does nothing to affect VALORANT’s actual gameplay. But these small tidbits of information help with understanding lore and the agents’ relationships with one another. When looking at Breach’s voice line when talking to an ally Brimstone, for example, the robotic-armed agent says “leave some fight for the rest of us, old man.” Simply adding a little context of Breach standing taller than Brim may add more depth to their interactions.

With VALORANT just under a year old, there are plenty more agents to be added to the cast. And with Riot’s penchant for creating a diverse cast, you can expect to see more height disparities.

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