VALORANT content creator Red pulls off impressive ace with Neon

Use this as inspiration.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT content creator Red showed just how deadly the latest agent can be in the right hands in a recent livestream. 

Neon is the new duelist making waves in VALORANT with her powerful ability set that is perfect for aggressive players. She can outmaneuver and outrun almost any agent, making her a difficult target to eliminate. Red demonstrated how effective Neon can be by using her abilities to take out an entire enemy team. 

Red led his team’s assault on A Site on Breeze by sliding into action with Neon, killing two enemy players with ease. He used Neon’s sprint to push towards an enemy near A Door and used her slide ability to escape danger and easily kill the opponent. The fourth kill was risky since he only had two bullets left in his clip and secured a headshot with his final shot.

The last enemy was flanking through A Cave, and Red used Neon’s walls to block their vision. A few well-placed shots through the walls killed the final enemy, completing the ace and showing how versatile Neon’s abilities can be under the right circumstances. 

Neon is the most effective when players take the fight to the enemy. Her increased movement is more than enough to outsmart opponents and can make taking or defending sites an easy task.