VALORANT beta “most likely” coming in a few weeks, says Slasher

The closed beta could release this month.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT was revealed as Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter and a natural competitor to Valve’s Counter-Strike and Blizzard’s Overwatch earlier this week. The build-up for the game has been immense and fans have been eagerly waiting to play it since it was first teased last October.

So far, Riot hasn’t specified when the VALORANT beta will be available to play. But it could be coming soon, according to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

“There is going to be a [VALORANT] beta to be coming out in most likely the next few weeks,” Slasher said in an interview with Cheddar Esports.

If the VALORANT beta is released this month, it will likely be closed off to the general public and be reversed for specific content creators and professional players. An open beta could launch in the following months.

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Riot originally planned to fly out pros to “hands-on gameplay events” in Barcelona and Los Angeles. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, though, Riot canceled the early gameplay capture events yesterday. Instead, Riot may be rushing to push out the closed beta as soon as possible. 

VALORANT is scheduled to launch this summer.