Unicorns of Love charges into VALORANT with all-German lineup

Fear the horns.

Screengrab via Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns of Love organization is stampeding into 2022 with an all-German VALORANT lineup to compete in the 2022 VCT Circuit.

Unicorns of Love’s roster consists of Domenic “Chefstrobel” Strobel, Kenny “Luc1d” Gauthier Kühlmann, Philipp “Treelover” Urban, Leandro “Lele” de Nittis, and team captain Gianluca “xTribune” Oehme.

The lineup is a mix of proven German players and popular content creators. One of the biggest surprises seen in the lineup is the acquisition of Fortnite player Chefstrobel, who will make his debut with the Unicorns in 2022.

UOL’s new team will be led by xTribune, a 24-year old German-Italian VALORANT player who entered the scene in late 2020.

Even though the organization just announced its VALORANT lineup, the team’s core has already played together at RCADIA VALORANT UNITED, where they earned a top-eight placing.

Unicorns of Love was founded in 2013 and started to make a name of itself after qualifying for the 2015 Spring Split of the EU LCS (now known as the LEC). There, the org developed a niche fan base in League of Legends before beginning to expand into other esports titles. 

Unicorns of Love is most well-known for its tenure in League, both in Europe and CIS. Since swapping to the CIS region midway through 2019, Unicorns of Love has represented the CIS region at Worlds for three consecutive years.

Photo via Riot Games

With the introduction of its VALORANT team, UOL now hosts seven teams across six games, while also organizing its own tournaments in various mobile titles.

Unicorns of Love will look to carry over its dominance in League to VALORANT as the 2022 VCT Circuit draws closer to its February 2022 start.