Tyler1 pulls off hilariously sloppy 1-vs-3 VALORANT clutch

It was messy, but he got the job done.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/loltyler1

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 managed to pull off a one-vs-three clutch in VALORANT today, even though it was slightly sloppy and unconventional. 

Tyler1 recently hit the Challengers rank in League by playing only top lane and did the same thing last season while only playing jungle. He’s originally an ADC main and established that he can excel in any role in League without issue. This skill didn’t transfer well to VALORANT, however. 

During a recent match on Breeze, Tyler1’s team died, leaving him in a one-vs-three situation with a Bucky and his hopes and dreams. He surprised the enemy Reyna on A site and managed to eliminate them in five shots without taking damage. He proceeded to flank around the site to surprise the last two enemies and encountered Sova hiding near the defender’s spawn. 

Tyler1 killed Sova and took his Vandal, bringing the situation to a one-vs-one showdown with the entire lobby watching. The final enemy was no match for Tyler, who killed them with a walking headshot to win the round. 

Tyler1 is no stranger to dedicating thousands of hours to master a game and he could become a much better VALORANT player if he practiced. But right now, he’s still learning the ropes and providing hilarious clips along the way. 

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