TSM rounds out female VALORANT roster with LeahPanda

LeahPanda officially joins TSM after a period as a stand-in.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM has signed Leah “LeahPanda” Nemchin-Cossman as the fifth player of its VALORANT female team, the North American organization announced today.

The 20-year-old fills a void that was created after the departure of Katherine β€œLunarKats” So just three days after the lineup was assembled to play in the VCT Game Changers. Since then, TSM trialed ARIANARCHIST and had been playing with LeahPanda as a stand-in. During this period, she helped them win Tampax Gaming Fest in April over Man I Love Fwogs and finished runners-up to CLG Red at the Pittsburgh Knights Sakura Cup in the same month.

“I’m super excited to play alongside these gals and under TSM,” LeahPanda said on Twitter. Before she started playing with TSM Female, she played for a non-professional team called Lockdown.

The Canadian player will be a Sova main for TSM’s all-woman division and has played with the agent 93.3 percent of the time, according to her stats on VLR.gg. LeahPanda also averages a 1.13 K/D ratio and 154.3 average damage per round (ADR). You can watch some of her best plays in the announcement video TSM made.

TSM Female have no matches scheduled for the upcoming weeks and are 60th right now in VLR.gg’s North America rankings.

With the official addition of LeahPanda, TSM Female features Catherine “cath” Leroux, Mirna “athxna” Noureldin, Emily “mle” Peters, Zoe “zoessie” Servais, and LeahPanda.

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