Trailer leaks for upcoming VALORANT map Breeze

Time for a vacation?

Image via Riot Games

Just days after images surfaced online of what looked to be a new map coming to VALORANT, a full trailer FOR the map called Breeze has been leaked.

The trailer was first posted to the VALORANT Leaks Twitter account and showcases the tropical beach setting of the upcoming map.

From the clip, the map looks to boast a good balance of long-range zones as well as tight hallways and objects that can be used to cut players off and catch enemies by surprise.

There also doesn’t look to be any shortage of elevated areas where players can take the high ground to stalk their opponents.

The addition of a new map was teased on the official VALORANT Twitter account shortly after the images were first leaked online. Each image showed off areas of the map with the tag “Visit Breeze”.

Breeze will be the first map introduced in 2021 and the latest since Icebox back in October 2020. There is no specified time period of when this addition could take place or when Riot plans to officially release the trailer.

Riot has been teasing the addition of the holiday destination for some time now with a short clip on April 20 showing a beach, and items in the latest battle pass hinting at tropical-themed content to come.

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