TimTheTatman pulls off clutch triple kill to win the round in VALORANT

Nice shots, Tim.

Screengrab via CyberPowerPC

Twitch star TimTheTatman might want to consider taking his VALORANT skills to the professional level.

The streamer mopped up three kills in Riot’s upcoming first-person shooter, delivering a clutch play during his Twitch broadcast today.

With four enemies remaining, Tim and 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot took it upon themselves to earn their team a victory. The streamer climbed a rope to see an opposing player staring directly at him. But a quick one-tap with the Vandal eliminated that threat immediately.

The streamer then used Raze’s ultimate ability, Showstopper, to launch a rocket at an unsuspecting victim. And to ensure no shots landed, Tim pulled off a cheeky hop to avoid incoming damage.

Though Nadeshot took out a player, he was also eliminated by the final opponent remaining. This was light work for Tim, however, who peeked a corner and saw his target. Tim and his team erupted in excitement after the Twitch star delivered the final blow to end the round.

“Let’s fucking go,” Tim yelled while his teammates echoed the same sentiments.

The VALORANT closed beta went live this morning, offering a limited amount of keys to roughly 25,000 players.

To watch some more top-tier gameplay, tune in to Tim’s Twitch channel.