The Miyagi Method: VALORANT player explains perfect way to practice in Deathmatch

“It's OK to lose to opponent. Must not lose to fear.”

Image via Riot Games

VTuber and streamer syphorize explained in detail how to use the Deathmatch game mode in VALORANT to practice aiming, moving, and positioning your crosshair through the training practice known as the Miyagi Method.

The Miyagi Method to practice aiming in VALORANT started to become popularized by streamer Red when he released a video guide in April 2021 that contained the method among his practices.

The Miyagi Method is “a warm-up routine which forces you to focus on continuously tracking your target,” according to syphorize. To start practicing, just enter a Deathmatch game with your favorite weapons and skins. When encountering an enemy, the objective is to position your crosshair on their head but not shoot. While positioning the scope, you need to move left and right, practicing strafing.

The importance of the Deathmatch game mode is precisely because it allows players to play not “to win” but to practice, in addition to being a quick game with many enemies available throughout the map.

One of the key points from syphorize is that this form of practice helps players stay calm during fights by teaching the body to aim first and shoot later, making shots more accurate and headshots more consistent.

Syphorize points out that as you approach the end of the Deathmatch game, you can already feel the difference when trying to land more headshots on opponents and that the more players practice with this method, the more consistent their shots will become.

Syphorize also explained the origin of the Miyagi Method name. It’s a reference to Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid movies and his method of teaching karate. “Focus on the fundamentals and resist the urge to find a shortcut in practice,” according to syphorize.