Streamer iiTzTimmy pulls off 1-vs-3 Reyna clutch in VALORANT

Timmy is unstoppable.

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Popular streamer iiTzTimmy secured an impressive one-vs-three clutch as Reyna during his Iron to Radiant stream. 

IiTzTimmy is in a marathon VALORANT stream and is trying to reach Radiant, the highest rank in the game, without stopping. He hit a road bump when he was temporarily banned for smurfing, but his account was enabled again after a short period. 

Streaming for several hours would make even the most talented players struggle to perform. But iiTzTimmy still managed to pull off an incredible one-vs-three clutch despite being 45 hours into his stream. He found himself as the last player alive on his team with three enemies left on B site on Bind. The team had plenty of time to plant the Spike and overwhelm Timmy, but he wasn’t ready to let down his squad. 

Timmy killed the first enemy with an impressive wall bang before activating Reyna’s ultimate ability and pushing into the site. The last two enemies tried to overwhelm him, but he killed another player and used Reyna’s Dismiss ability to escape the last opponent. The last player wasn’t enough to take down Timmy and he secured the final kill to win the round for his team. 

Fans of Timmy know this isn’t his first intense challenge. He finished a Bronze to Predator Apex Legends challenge earlier this year after 54 hours and is making excellent progress in VALORANT. He’s currently Immortal 3, which is just below Radiant. 

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